Dallas Has a Housing Plan to Bring Back the Middle Class

Dallas Has a Housing Plan

Dallas’s approach to subsidized housing in the past has concentrated affordable housing in low-income neighborhoods. The city is trying to fix the problem with its new housing plan.

Two days after lamenting middle-class residents’ flight from Dallas, the City Council did something about it. By a 15-0 vote, the council passed Dallas’ first comprehensive housing policy, which it hopes will bring 20,000 new homes to 13 of the city’s 14 council districts.

Through zoning and financing initiatives, the plan calls for increasing housing production, improving existing housing stock and encouraging home ownership in three types of targeted areas — redevelopment areas, stabilization areas and emerging market areas — throughout the city.

The city’s identified redevelopment areas are sites that already have major projects scheduled to begin in the next year, such as Red Bird, the area surrounding the Valley View mall in North Dallas and the area just south of downtown where the proposed high-speed rail station may be built.

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